3/20/17 afternoon solo concert at Rutgers University, Camden, NJ

3/21/17 evening solo concert and guest lecture at Virginia Tech University, Blacksburg, VA

4/1/17 solo performance at the Society of Composers National Conference (SCI), Western Michigan University

4/22/17 solo performance at the Society of Electro Acoustic Music in the United States National Conference (SEAMUS), St. Cloud University, Minnesota

4/28/17  Big Tent “Arts for Learning” event, Indianapolis

June 2017 solo performance at the New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival

June  2017  release of “Ghost of Time”, an album of music for solo violin/electronics

July 2017 HOURGLASS, Indiana University High School Summer Dance Intensive



2/2/17 BIG TENT installed in the rotunda of the Indiana State House, for the Indiana Arts Commission’s “Day of the Arts”

2/11/17 solo performance at the Tutti Festival, Denison University, Ohio

1/20/17 HOURGLASS -a live music and dance improvisation community event, Indiana University Bloomington, 7pm

12/11/16 HOURGLASS -a live music and dance improvisation community event, sponsored by Indy Convergence 7pm

11/18/16 performing solo works from the upcoming release “Ghost of Time” at Indy Convergence. Part of “River West Art Walk” 7pm-9pm

11/12/16 late night set of works at the Electroacoustic Barn Dance, Fredericksburg, VA

9/12/16 International Computer Music Conference, Utrecht, The Netherlands

9/7/16 concert of works at the Irish Sound, Science and Technology Association International Festival

9/4/16 HOURGLASS, Motus Dance, Indianapolis

8/26-8/27/16 premiere of an Indianapolis Light Festival commission for BIG TENT

8/2/16 performing in BIG TENT along with the band Modality

8/14/16 HOURGLASS, Motus Dance, Indianapolis

7/16/16 HOURGLASS, Indiana University High School Summer Dance Intensive

7/3/16 HOURGLASS, Motus Dance, Indianapolis

6/17/16 New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival

6/5/16 HOURGLASS, Motus Dance, Indianapolis

5/1/16 HOURGLASS, Motus Dance, Indianapolis

4/16/16 HOURGLASS, American Music Therapy Assoc. Conference, Indianapolis

4/9-4/10/16 Butler Arts Fest with BIG TENT

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